Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to stop by Simply Styled Season to learn a little about us.

Our motto to home decor is that there is, No Right and No Wrong when decorating Your Home. Yes there are trends and they come and go. If you like what is trendy then include some of those pieces, if not then don't.  It really is that simple!

The accents you choose to display in the Kitchen, Living Room, and to the Bedroom is what make a Home Yours! It should reflect your personal style and what makes you happy, after all you are the one that lives there.

This mindset also follows right in line with budget and comparisons. We are all in different seasons of our life and honestly, don't rush the one you are in because as they say..."You'll Miss It When It's Gone." So many of us get wide eyed scrolling through the gorgeous homes and decor on social media and begin to feel that our life and home don't measure up. That simply isn't true, you are enough just as you are.

With all that said, do what feels right for you, take time to celebrate all the little moments and that is what will make your House Feel Like a Home.

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The Simply Styled Season ~ Family

owner of Simply Styled Season
Hi, I'm Patricia the founder of Simply Styled Season. Yes that's me in the picture above (not the best quality photo but you know what, it makes me happy).
I live in North Central Florida with my husband David and our two children Trenton and Isabella, that are now young adults. Our pet family has dwindled down in the past couple years, we have 4 chickens (Luna, Fawkes, Tender and Nugget), 1 dog (Jeff), and one cat (Rascal).
Much of the past 23 years I have devoted my time to my children and their activities. I have home-schooled my daughter since the 4th grade, she is now a senior.
As far as my personal decor style...while my children were young decor was sparse in our home, except when it came to holidays. I have always gone all out for every holiday and birthday celebration, all the way down to matching pajamas and t-shirts. I love to create family traditions and believe it or not, they do make an impression on your children. This past year my 23 year old son asked if the Easter Bunny was still going to hide eggs, lol.
My everyday style is rustic. I love cabins in the mountains and true farmhouse looks. My home is filled with various wood tones, there is very little white. Although I appreciate and love all decor styles. I often find pieces that might lean towards one style actually look good in any home mixed with complementary hues and textures.
Happy Decorating!
~ Patricia